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Thread: Community Teamspeak

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desert Sleepy View Post
    For the record, the private channels aren't locked or anything so anyone can join them. If I don't respond I'm either away from my desk or taking a few seconds to plug my mic in/minimize whatever game I'm in.
    Yeah I haven't had a chance to setup passwords. The day after I bought the teamspeak I left on a trip for the weekend. I'll pm you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Flask View Post
    I finally joined in. I'll pretty much be playing Dark Souls II for right now unless enough people get on and we can organize something. Let me know if my loitering in a gaming channel is taking up space.
    Alright, sweet. Don't worry about it, there's plenty of channels.

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    Teamspeak is down

    I cannot afford to pay the next teamspeak payment so the teamspeak is down indefinitely.

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    Dang. Seemed like a lot of people started using it as of late too. There's still the Raidcall channel (just checked it) I guess.
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