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Thread: GTA V Zombie Apocalypse Event

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    GTA V Zombie Apocalypse Event

    This game was inspired by Undead-Xbox back in the day GTA 4 Zombs-

    Xbox only

    Copy and Paste this template below so that way you are more likely in getting into the event and i can message you to ensure you get into the games!

    Event=Zombie Apocalpyse Roleplay

    Start Time=3 pm west coast--4 pm gmt--5pm central--6pm east coast

    Day of the week= Sunday and Tuesday--- Also after midnight i host events on the one for GTA

    How to get into the event=Message myself IG Airassault54 15 Minutes prior to the start of the event-- Messaging before then will increase your chances of getting into the lobby

    Mic= Yes or No(Mic is preferred)

    Experience with Zombies=Never--1 year--2 year--3+ years (Must be custom games on GTA)

    MY GT on XBL is now-- IG Airassault54

    GTA V Zombie Warfare is a team based gamemode set into multiple deathmatch and last team standing modes. Their will be different scenarios that survivors and/or zombies will have to complete to win the game.

    Some scenarios will just to be to hold off against the zombies and not get your brains eaten others you will have to try and kill certain survivors to win the game and so on. Their is no actual zombies in the game but that is why this is in the custom gamemode section.

    Basic Rules---

    -The game will start with two alpha zombies.
    -No players are allowed to exit the ring of knives surrounding the play area.
    -Do not abuse or exploit any glitches.
    -No mic spamming.

    -Can only use a knife, bottle or antique cavalry dagger.
    -No camping or hiding.
    -You MUST have a mask on.
    -No getting into vehicles or destroying vehicles.

    3 lives starting out--- After 3 lives are expended you are a zombie or if killed by one
    -Survivors may not have more than 5 players in a group.
    -Survivors cannot climb ladders.
    -If their is an objective for the map survivors must attempt to complete the objective.
    -No using vehicles unless the scenario calls for it.
    -If you are killed by a survivor or zombie you will become infected and will become a zombie.

    Antidote- 7 Zombie Kills or 3 Human kills (Antidote is the only thing that will stop your from getting infected) Only works once.

    Weapons that are not allowed= Explosives, Miniguns, Tear Gas, Assault Shotgun, Snipers, Heavy Shotgun, Flare Gun, Marksman Pistol, Musket, MG/Combat MG, Rail Gun,

    ​These weapons are not allowed to balance the Roleplay and keep the Zombies from doing the epic Rage Quit.

    Spot rules- Ladder spot can only be used if a friend is guarding the ladder-- 2 way ladder= 1 human--- 2 way ladder and staircase = 3 humans---staircase or one way entry= 2 survivors---- Climb spot = 1 human -----Double Climb= 1 human----Jump spot= 1 human---- 2 way entryway= 4 humans

    If you are on a ladder and your buddy guarding dies you must get off immediately.

    Survivors may not kill other survivors unless the situation meets the following requirements,
    -The victim was warned 3 times.
    -The victim attacked you first.
    -The victim was caught in the crossfire with the zombies.
    If you are killed by another survivor for those reasons you will become a zombie.

    Bandits= Kill another human player and you are allowed to wear a mask--- IF wearing a mask you are a known bandit but you may use a sniper rifle in return

    Lawmen=Kills a bandit and turns into a lawman--Gets to use tear gas---1 Extra Life--All Smgs and must wear cowboy hat or top hat.

    (I will start putting scenarios up asap, just getting this event out before i go back to my company)
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    Zombie event has been going on for 5 hours... Message IG airassault54 on XBL

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    Event right now msg IG Airassault54 to join

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    Another custom GTA V Zombie Game----> Event is still going on!!! Be sure to sign up

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    Since this thread has not received love since 2014 im making a post on it. This Event is still going on but it is just for the Xbox One. So if u have Xbox One be sure to msg IG Airassault54 to get into the event. I host every Tuesday and Sunday for confirmed dates both at 430 pm central!!!

    Look forward to seeing you guys there!

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    Event is still going. IG Airassault54. Its been awhile so im bumping :P

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