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Thread: Steam Winter Sale

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    Steam Winter Sale

    Cold Summer Sale here. Post most worthwhile purchases.

    Games I have and highly recommend:
    - Witcher 3 (objectively best game ever made) 50% off - $30, or for a couple bucks more get the trilogy (Witcher 2 still extremely playable and fantastic.)
    - Rocket League. This game has been non stop fun, like, almost on a Marvel vs Capcom 2 level. Perfect for laid back pick up and play, but also for super competitive squad action. 30% off - $14. Owned and played by many of us.
    - CSGO. 50% off - $8. Best competitive shooter out there.

    Games I don't own that I would like to get with yall:
    - Vermintide. Left 4 Dead with player upgrades, in the Warhammer universe with rats instead of zombies. 15% off, $26...

    - ARK: Survival Evolved. 40% off - $17.
    - Rainbow Six Seige. Magicmans got it already. Would love to get a consistent squad to play with. NO SALE, $60....

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    Bought the witcher 3 but still don't know if I should start it since I'm still on the second one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vicious View Post
    Bought the witcher 3 but still don't know if I should start it since I'm still on the second one.
    Do it you fucking pussy.

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